Founded by internationally published storyteller Emily Rudolph, Sahuaro Media is a multi-faceted production studio offering content solutions to powerful brands with authentic stories.


Sahuaro Media specializes in offering creative photography, media design and editorial development with a focus on the realms of creativity and adventure. We are committed to giving back to like-minded creatives who are passionate about empowering purposeful creative expression in others.




Sahuaro Media is an owner-operated studio supported by a collective of artists, producers, writers, and innovators working together to share the power of creativity with the world.



 Photography: Jim Fury Hesterman

Photography: Jim Fury Hesterman


Hi There! My name is Emily. I'm a freelance independent contractor offering content-based marketing solutions to visionary brands and creative entrepreneurs. As an internationally published writer, photographer, and content creator, I'm also known for wearing a lot of hats! Over the past 7 years, I've been honored to work on several unique, high-profile assignments alongside brands like General Electric, LinkedIn, Penguin Group, Zipline Australia and more.

Prior to starting Sahuaro Media, I worked as an acquisitions editor and community manager for tech startup CREATIV – which launched an internationally distributed print magazine named "Hottest Launch of the Year" in 2015. Today, everything I do is dedicated to catalyzing creativity in others. When I'm not working, you'll probably find me hiking, camera-in-hand or soaking up the wifi at a local coffee shop somewhere – binge-writing glamorously with a graveyard of beverages at my fingertips. For a sample of my work, I invite you to visit my portfolio by clicking here.

Emily Rudolph
Owner, Founder

Internationally Published Storyteller

Content Producer: Writer & Editor, Journalism, Photography, Media Design, Events & Art Direction

Manager: Sahuaro Media & Team, KDIF 102.9FM Gonz Past Curfew (Co-Host), Elite Sports Builders (Marketing & Fleet)

founder's note

When the concept behind Sahuaro Media first emerged, I was unexpectedly unemployed for the first time in my life, freshly plucked from the wonderland of millennial start-ups and feeling utterly weightless after losing my dream job to circumstances beyond my control. I'd just spent two-and-a-half years empowering creatives in countries around the globe to harness their inspiration in the form of creative expression. It was a feeling of purpose like I had never known; yet there I was, questioning my willingness to be vulnerable for my own art... 

I flashed back to The Higher Purpose Project at Mt. Hood a year prior, recalling travel journalist Ryan Van Duzer talking to us about “the pain cave,” a place we must endure in pursuit of our passions — before exiting blissfully on the other side. Flash-forward 11 painstaking months and a plethora of super intimidating, but successful freelance gigs later — Sahuaro Media was born.

Today, Sahuaro Media proudly offers everything from all-encompassing print & digital content suites to one-off collateral designs, social media management and so much more, but it wasn't always this way. By doing what I love most in this world, I took action to immerse myself within opportunities that allowed me to hone my skills across a variety of "passion point" areas while developing a thriving professional network of soulful creatives and entrepreneurs. I founded Sahuaro Media based on the belief that we do what makes us happy, we tap into our potential to become absolutely extraordinary. Or as Danielle LaPorte would say,

"If you know how you truly want to feel in your life — then you’ve got to hook that awareness up to some action."

My sincerest hope is that Sahuaro Media can inspire you in this way too. We are here to help you manifest your deepest desires and achieve your wildest dreams, empowering you to remain curious every day - in life, in love, in work and in your art.


The Sahuaro Collective

Katie Silverman
Production Assistant
Owner at Katelyn J Photography

J.R. Dellow
Artist & Innovator

Sami Marquez
Co-founder at LambdaLion

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Capturing moments that tell your most treasured stories.

  • Portrait Sessions Starting at $150
  • Full Day Sessions Starting at $700
  • Half Day Sessions start at $400
  • Wedding Packages Starting at $800 (4 Hours)
    • Elopements & Small Events Start at $200 p/Hour

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Media Design

Media designed with your 'why' in mind. 

  • Media Design & Content Creation Packages Start at $50 p/Hour
  • One-off Media Design Packages are Available ($50 minimum)
  • Website Design Packages Starting at $250
    • Includes Squarespace Circle Member Perks




Editorial expertise from sources you can trust.

  • Journalism / Article Writing ($50 Hourly or Per Word)
  • Creative / Non-Specified Writing ($50 Hourly or Per Word)
  • Line & Copy Editing Starts at $40 p/Hour
  • Copywriting & Ghostwriting (Custom Pricing Available)

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